GRP (Fiberglass)

GRP / Fiberglass

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer or “Fiberglass”) is an extremely versatile composite material made of resin polymers reinforced with glass fibers.. It has a very high strength to weight ratio (stronger than steel) and can be molded into all sorts of complex shapes.

The fiberglass products can then be coated with specialty paints and coatings by our team of exceptional artists to deliver a look and feel that is identical to the real thing.  Mint can make our GRP products look like metal, wood, plastic, rubber, or any other type of natural material.

Mint uses GRP in a multitude of theming elements for the entertainment industry, focusing theme parks, attractions, commercial and residential buildings, in sets and props for movies, television, theatre, and musical, staging as well as, exhibition and event productions.

We have obtained ASTM E84 Class A rating and [X] for our GRP products.